Mark Henricksen for Chair of the Oklahoma Democratic Party

The Candidate Daring to Ask:
“What Do Democrats Believe?”

Mark Henricksen, longtime Democratic Party activist and campaign supporter, has stepped up to lead the Oklahoma State Democratic Party forward with bold ideas and a passion for “bringing the Party home” to its roots in progressive, pro-people politics. On this site, you will find his statements explaining his political values, his positions and his ideas for change. Also check out the endorsements he’s received from prominent Democrats as well as upcoming events. You are invited to visit and “like” his Facebook page. Check out the growing list of endorsements.

Mark Henricksen keynote address to Our Revolution OK MidWinter Meeting, Feb. 1, 2017.

Mark believes that the Democratic Party “needs to be a real alternative to the Republicans.”  He has submitted a detailed statement of ideas from which to commence the conversation of what we, as Democrats, believe. Here is a brief synopsis of those ideas:

In my estimation, the main positions for Democrats must be these:

  1. Fund state government by repealing the income tax and gross production tax giveaways for wealthy tax payers and corporation.
  2. Support health care as a right for all Americans and get insurance companies out of the equation.
  3. Support paid medical and family leave to make working in America feasible for all people.
  4. Embrace the reality that the current generations may be the first to feel the real effects of climate change and the last generation with a chance to address it.
  5. Adopt policies to fight growing income inequality in America both because it is the moral thing to do and because failing to accomplish this is the greatest threat to democracy facing our nation.
  6. Adopt specific policies to disconnect the pernicious effects of money on politics.

It is our belief that before we talk about the technical points of reorganizing the party, we Democrats must agree on a message that will motivate the grassroots to engage, to leave their couches and their comfort zones, and to participate in taking back our party.