Dr. Tom Guild, Professor Emeritus University of Central Oklahoma and candidate for Congress OK-5

“The Oklahoma Democratic Party has a chance to make a major break with the past by electing Mark Henricksen as its new state chair.  The ODP lost 7 seats in the Oklahoma State Legislature in the 2016 general election.  The party lost one third of its state senate caucus in the 2016 election cycle, plummeting from 9 to 6 senators.  Mark has a history of serving successfully in leadership positions in both Oklahoma’s American Civil Liberties Union and Freedom Oklahoma.  Mark has an extremely successful law practice.  Mark has raised and donated tens of thousands of dollars to Democratic candidates for public office.  He is a committed progressive who will lead the ODP and offer a clear alternative to the Republican Party.  This will give progressive voters an incentive to turn out on Election Day to renew and revitalize the Democratic Party and further the progressive cause in Oklahoma.  The current state leadership has fallen short and presided over a deterioration of the party by failing to promote a principled opposition to dramatic Republican failures.  It’s time for a change! Mark Henricksen has the talents, dedication, principles, and work ethic to make our party competitive again in Oklahoma.  Let’s move enthusiastically forward and embrace a new, successful, and bright future.  Join me in electing Mark Henricksen as our new state chair.  As our beloved FDR said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself!”