Ed Shadid, OKC Councilman, Ward 2

“I believe there is probably no single event which would transform the electoral success of the ODP and political conversation among Oklahomans than the election of Mark Henricksen to ODP Chair. Mark is a personal hero of mine with decades of fighting for progressive causes; a man I love to be around and bounce ideas off because of the wisdom of his feedback. For years I have longed to hear Democratic leadership espouse his views and as I listen to him speak it is obvious that Mark will bring many people who have not felt included to the ODP along with fresh ideas and new financial support. There are three principal changes which will come from Mark’s election: Where there were questions about financial impropriety, there will now be audits, transparency and strict checks and balances which make donors feel secure. Where there were questions about the party machinery favoring one candidate over others, there will now be a level playing field and where there was fear to fully express progressive values, there will now be truly transformative ideas being championed by progressive candidates and the party.”