Mark’s letter to delegates to the Oklahoma State Convention

Today Mark emailed a letter to the delegates to the state convention, asking for their consideration and vote and providing an update on his campaign’s activities and accomplishments, notably the endorsement from Our Revolution

Dear Fellow Delegate:

Congratulations on your election as a delegate to the Democratic State Convention.  I look forward to meeting you on May 20, if I haven’t already.

As a candidate for the chair of the state party, I have been speaking to Democratic groups across Oklahoma, and I am finding agreement with the core argument of my candidacy: that our party has been too timid in contrasting our basic beliefs with those of the Republicans.

I am writing to seek your vote for chair, and your commitment to working with me to move the Democratic party to a position of standing for and articulating strong progressive positions, and finding and supporting strong progressive candidates.

This is the mission and promise on which I am running.  While I do not want to abandon our party’s proud support for constitutional rights for all — including the most vulnerable and unpopular — I have stated in each speech that the issues which unite us are these:

  • Addressing growing income inequality and its risk to democracy
  • Getting big money out of politics
  • Fighting for a living wage for all workers
  • Equal pay for women and men doing the same job
  • Supporting unions as both the backbone of the country’s prosperity and the Democratic Party

You can find more details about me, my positions, and my ideas about changing the Oklahoma Democratic Party at my website,

Last week, I was thrilled when my campaign for Chair of the Oklahoma Democratic Party was endorsed by Our Revolution the political movement arising out of Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign. My own views are very similar to the Our Revolution platform, so its endorsement was really special.

I believe these values resonate with voters across Oklahoma and if we focus unapologetically on them, we will start winning elections.  These values will continue to fill our movement with enthusiastic activists as we have seen recently in our precinct meetings, and at the Indivisible meetings, and in the women’s march.  If we want to win, we have to engage these voters with issues they believe in.

I look forward to continuing this debate of what it means to be a Democrat in 2017.
Mark Henricksen