Amanda Jean Volner from CD-3 joins ticket as candidate for Secretary

We are excited to announce that Amanda Jean Volner has agreed to run on the ticket with Mark Henricksen and T. Sheri Dickerson, as a candidate for Secretary of the Oklahoma Democratic Party.

Amanda comes from rural Oklahoma, living in CD3, and attended Southwestern Oklahoma State University, obtaining a B.S. in Organizational Leadership. She is 28, a mom, and a strong progressive and grassroots activist, just like Mark and Sheri.

She currently serves as the Chair of the Beckham County Democratic Party.

“I’m excited to run for and serve as secretary of the Oklahoma Democratic Party,” Amanda said. “I believe we can “bring the party home” together through progressive  messaging and by working together to bridge the generational and diversity gaps. We also need to  focus on transparency/ inclusion, and integrity within the party.”

Mark is thrilled about having such an active young Democrat on the ticket. “Amanda Volner is an inspirational young leader.  A single mother, working and going to college, she organized a party structure in Beckham County and helped organize in three other western counties.”

“I am honored that she has agreed to join with Sheri and me in our efforts to shake up the Oklahoma Democratic Party,” Mark continued.  “I believe she can do on a state level what she has done in western Oklahoma.   Further, I think the party needs to have leaders who look like the party, and she represents the millennial voters whom we have to recruit for the future.

Look for more about Amanda in the next few days as she rolls out her campaign.