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Mark Henricksen

Mark Henricksen

Mark Henricksen has been a gladiator for justice for 40 years. He is an attorney working in criminal justice, and family law, among others. He has served in numerous organizations working to advance justice and equality.

His legal career and his activism have been allied, and have brought him personal achievement and satisfaction, and no small amount of public recognition.


Mark Henricksen is a native Oklahoman, raised in El Reno by two union members. He was educated at the University of Oklahoma for college and law school, and has been an active trial lawyer since 1978. His practice is devoted to representing individuals in damage claims against insurance companies and in defending citizens accused of criminal offenses.


Mark first was elected as a Democratic Convention delegate at the age of 17 and was elected as Co-Chair of Canadian County while still a student at the University of Oklahoma. He has been involved in numerous campaigns for Democrats in Oklahoma, usually serving as a fundraiser.

In 2006 he spent his summer vacation in Vermont helping Bernie Sanders become the most progressive member of the US Senate.

He has served as a precinct official and state convention delegate numerous times, and in 2016 was selected as a National Convention Delegate for Senator Sanders.

In 2017 he ran for state chair of the Oklahoma Democratic Party.


Mark served over twenty years on the ACLU board of directors, including stints as president, general counsel, and as Oklahoma representative on the National Board of Directors. While serving on the National ACLU board he was trained in its fundraising faculty and was sent to other states to teach fundraising techniques for causes to other state affiliates. He also served for nine months as interim executive director of the ACLU of Oklahoma.

He was one of the founders of the civil rights organization Freedom Oklahoma, and served four terms as its chair. He was a board member and fund raiser for this group for thirteen years.

Public Recognition

Mark has twice been recognized by the Oklahoma Criminal Defense Lawyers Association as the Thurgood Marshall Appellate Advocacy Award, with specific acknowledgement of his success in representing poor people facing capital punishment.

As as activist, he has received these honors: