Author: Mark Henricksen


These are the prepared remarks for my speech to The Brennan Society on March 7, 2018. You can see a video on the Our Revolution Oklahoma website. I am grateful tonight to speak as a representative of the Our Revolution movement. I have pursued the ideas of Democratic socialism for forty years. I want to Read More

Welcome to Our Revolution Oklahoma

A welcome message given at the Dec. 12, 2017 meeting of Our Revolution Oklahoma. [Remarks as prepared.] My fellow progressives, welcome to our quarterly meeting. Since we last met your board has met frequently, filed articles of incorporation with Oklahoma, applied for a 501(c)4 status with the IRS, and elected officers. We aspire to be Read More

A Proposal to Save the Oklahoma Democratic Party

In 2017, I ran for the chair of the Oklahoma Democratic Party. I made it to a runoff, but did not prevail in that contest. Nonetheless, I traveled the state and made a strong argument for change. This was my initial written message to the delegates who would chose the party’s leader. This document is Read More