Mark’s interview with Mark Faulk on ‘Red State Revolt’ Radio

Mark spoke with activist and radio host Mark Faulk on Thursday. May 18, as the election for chair fast approaches and he prepares for his final outreach, and makes his final case for delegates’ votes.

Take a listen. The interview starts approximately 15 minutes in.

After the interview concludes, Mark Faulk endorses Mark and his slate of candidates. Thank you, Mark Faulk!


Betty Jean Harris, professor and activist

“I enthusiastically endorse Mark Henricksen for Oklahoma Democratic Party Chair.  Mark, a trial attorney who focuses on death penalty issues, has a long history of activism around progressive causes.  He has phone-banked and canvassed, and has been a donor for political candidates such as Senator Bernie Sanders, and local candidates.  He is well-read.  He knows how things work. Mark will always start with the people at the grassroots level and articulate our issues at the state and national levels. He is the type of leader the ODP needs at this very important juncture in our political history.”

Robyn Lemon Sellers, activist and philanthropist

“Besides the fact that he represents my own understanding of what it means to be a true Democrat, Mark Henricksen has my 100% support because he walks well along the line of healthy skepticism – questioning conventional wisdom and widely accepted but disproven ideas – without crossing over into cynicism, or pessimism. He is discerning in a manner that generates inspiration, and best of all, he does this with a public speaking style that not only informs clearly with accuracy, but often brings people to their feet with excitement and enthusiasm. Boy, do we need that. He has my support for chair of the ODP.”

Photo: Robyn is shown with her father, the late Bob Lemon, at a climate change rally in 2015.

Ryan Kiesel, former Oklahoma State Represenative

“The upcoming election for party chair is the first step towards amplifying voices that are all too often marginalized within the Democratic Party. I hope you will join me in lending your support to Mark Henricksen for State Democratic Party Chair. Mark is as thoughtful as he is unapologetic about where he stands. I’m proud to call him my friend and grateful to have him by my side in the trenches.”

Photo taken on June 26, 2015, at Freedom Oklahoma celebration of the Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality. To Ryan’s far right, in navy jacket, is Troy Stevenson, Director of Freedom Oklahoma, and immediately behind him is Jim Roth, both endorsers of Mark’s campaign for ODP chair. To Jim’s left are Mark Henricksen and his Vice Chair running mate Sheri Dickerson.

Mark’s slate complete with Marcus Bruner as candidate for ODP Treasurer

Mark is excited to announce that Marcus Bruner is joining his ticket as the candidate for treasurer, completing a full four-person slate that represents diverse communities, backgrounds, ages and regions of the state. The slate consists of Mark Henricksen, chair; T. Sheri Dickerson, Vice Chair; Amanda Jean Volner, Secretary; and Marcus Bruner, Treasurer.

Mark is thrilled to have such an outstanding young person joining his team. “Marcus is highly qualified to enter the leadership of our party. His educational and professional background in hospital management certainly qualify him for the specific duties as treasurer. He brings to the leadership needed diversity; he is young and energetic, and as an African American, he helps the leadership look like the Democratic Party.”

Here is a bit about Marcus, a most impressive young man, from his campaign flyer:

Demonstrated Community Leadership in Cherokee County

  • B.S. in Healthcare Administration from Northeastern State University
  • Board Member of Tahlequah Parks & Recreations, Tahlequah Area Coalition for the Homeless, Tahlequah Kiwanis, and CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates)
  • Volunteer with the Boys & Girls Club of Tahlequah, Salvation Army in Welling, Oklahoma, and the Martin Luther King Center in Muskogee


My experience includes organizing and controlling NeoHealths Accounts Receivables and helping patients start payment plans for over two years and also serving as Chair and Bookkeeper for a 501C3 scholarship organization for almost three years now.

I also was in Leadership 19 in Tahlequah that raised $70k in nine months to build a special needs play Park.

I believe in engaging with the future generations and helping them overcome any barriers that might prevent them from being successful.

I’m thrilled to be running with Democrats who care and value the people.

I truly believe that we as Democrats can restore not only the United States, but Oklahoma, to a society where we care about each other and address the needs of those less fortunate than us. Like you, my fellow Democrats, I believe that this is what’s right.

Oklahoma needs us to restore the values and goals for the citizens and future citizens of Oklahoma. This is why I decided to run for state office in the Democratic Party. I am asking for your support and your vote.


Brett Baldwin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Freedom Oklahoma

“I am supporting and endorsing my friend and mentor, Mark Henricksen, for Chairman of the Oklahoma Democratic Party. I have had the privilege to work alongside Mark on the front lines of the fight for LGBTQ and women’s rights during his own tenure as Chairman of the Board of Freedom Oklahoma. Mark is politically astute and a devoted fundraiser. A man of action, Mark has advocated and fought for the rights of ALL Oklahomans for decades and proved he is the progressive leader we need now to move our party and the State of Oklahoma forward.”

Amanda Jean Volner from CD-3 joins ticket as candidate for Secretary

We are excited to announce that Amanda Jean Volner has agreed to run on the ticket with Mark Henricksen and T. Sheri Dickerson, as a candidate for Secretary of the Oklahoma Democratic Party.

Amanda comes from rural Oklahoma, living in CD3, and attended Southwestern Oklahoma State University, obtaining a B.S. in Organizational Leadership. She is 28, a mom, and a strong progressive and grassroots activist, just like Mark and Sheri.

She currently serves as the Chair of the Beckham County Democratic Party.

“I’m excited to run for and serve as secretary of the Oklahoma Democratic Party,” Amanda said. “I believe we can “bring the party home” together through progressive  messaging and by working together to bridge the generational and diversity gaps. We also need to  focus on transparency/ inclusion, and integrity within the party.”

Mark is thrilled about having such an active young Democrat on the ticket. “Amanda Volner is an inspirational young leader.  A single mother, working and going to college, she organized a party structure in Beckham County and helped organize in three other western counties.”

“I am honored that she has agreed to join with Sheri and me in our efforts to shake up the Oklahoma Democratic Party,” Mark continued.  “I believe she can do on a state level what she has done in western Oklahoma.   Further, I think the party needs to have leaders who look like the party, and she represents the millennial voters whom we have to recruit for the future.

Look for more about Amanda in the next few days as she rolls out her campaign.


Nathaniel Batchelder, Director of Peace House Oklahoma City

“Oklahoma needs Mark Henricksen’s political leadership in whatever position we can elect him to. His life history of integrity, principled advocacy, intelligent and articulate civil engagement with allies and opponents make him the kind of leader sorely needed in these times. Moreover, younger activists in America are flocking to leaders with Mark’s progressive and inclusive perspectives and commitment to sustainability. Oklahoma’s future needs Mark Henricksen’s leadership today. “

Mark recruits T. Sheri Dickerson as his running mate for vice chair

Mark made the announcement with a new graphic and video, and an email message to all the delegates. Look for upcoming videos with a message from Sheri, and a conversation between Mark and Sheri about CHANGE.

The email read:

We are “bringing the party home” with a Ticket for Change!

Dear Fellow Delegate,

I hope you are looking forward to this Saturday as much as I am. We have an opportunity to determine the future of our party and ultimately the state of Oklahoma, by supporting and voicing a strong progressive message.

I have campaigned across the state for five months now, and met many of you. I hope I have answered your questions about my ideas and plans. I look forward to seeing you again on Saturday, or to meet some of you for the first time before we vote for our new leadership team.

Teamwork is important for any effort, and the leadership of our party certainly requires it. Each of you are part of that team, regardless of what the votes tell us on Saturday about our direction. But to share the top leadership roles with me, I have recruited a Vice Chair running mate that can complement my experience with a solid organizing background.

T. Sheri Dickerson is a mother, a pastor, a nurse, and an activist. She has served as Executive Director of Black Lives Matter Oklahoma. She was an integral part of the organizing collective that brought 12,000 people to the Capitol on January 21 to demand full rights for women.

By my side she will work for every Democrat to assure inclusion, in words and action, for all Democrats in this party, especially those whose voices have not had a champion.

We are a “Ticket for Change.”

Please join us this Saturday to “Bring the Party Home” to its traditions for justice, for equality, and for fairness. We ask for your votes, and your continued dedication to our party’s values.

During the convention, visit our hospitality room on the 14th floor of the Tower Hotel, a short elevator ride from the convention floor. It will be open Friday evening and Saturday afternoon, and will include refreshments, sandwiches at lunchtime on Saturday, cable TV and a cash bar. Oh, and a bird’s eye view of north OKC and Lake Hefner you won’t want to pass up.

Thank you for allowing me to get to know you and Oklahoma Democrats better. It was an honor to campaign for your Chair, and if elected, an honor to serve you for the next two years.

With humility and hope,

Mark Henricksen

PS. Check out our new campaign video at